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30A BLDC ESC- Brushless Electronic Speed Controller

422.00 [Excl. GST 18%]

3DR 100mW Radio Telemetry 915MHZ For APM PX4 Pixhawk

1,658.00 [Excl. GST 18%]

A2212 1000KV BLDC Brushless DC Motor for Drone

283.00 [Excl. GST 18%]

A2212 10T 13T 1400KV Brushless Motor for Drone (Soldered Connector)

347.00 [Excl. GST 18%]

A2212 KV2200 Brushless Motor For RC Airplane / Quadcopter

300.00 [Excl. GST 18%]

Anti-Vibration Shock Absorber for APM/KK/MWC/PixHawk

196.00 [Excl. GST 18%]

APM Pixhawk Power Module with XT60

485.00 [Excl. GST 18%]

Counter Rotating Propeller 1045/1045R For Quadrotor-(Black)

66.00 [Excl. GST 18%]

DC 12V-36V 500W Brushless Motor Controller Hall Balanced Car Driver Board

921.00 [Excl. GST 18%]

F450 4 Axis Quadcopter Frame Kit

701.00 [Excl. GST 18%]

FlySky CT6B 2.4GHz 6CH Transmitter with FS-R6B Receiver

2,870.00 [Excl. GST 18%]

High Definition 1200TVL FPV 2.8mm Lens Aircraft Camera

932.00 [Excl. GST 18%]