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Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) is Government of India’s flagship initiative to create and promote a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship across the length and breadth of our country. AIM’s objective is to develop new programmes and policies for fostering innovation in different sectors of the economy, provide platforms and collaboration opportunities for different stakeholders, and create an umbrella structure to oversee the innovation & entrepreneurship ecosystem of the country. AIM’s initiatives have played an important contributory role in the advancement of India from a position of 81 in the Global Innovation Index in 2015 to a position of 48 in 2020.AIM has adopted a holistic approach encompassing schools, universities, research institutions, industry, MSME, NGOs, Ministries, at district, state and national levels.

“Its Importance To Our Nation”

India was somewhat left behind in the industrial revolution that swept the world in the last century. But India does have a fantastic opportunity to contribute in the knowledge based revolution that is sweeping the world today.

India, over the centuries, has never had a dearth of great thinkers, scientists, engineers, doctors, innovators, philosophers, artists. Indian intellectual, engineering, artistic capabilities are second to none with some of the greatest scientists, mathematicians and engineers in the world like President Abdul Kalam, Shri S Ramanujan, Sir CV Raman and Dr Vikram Sarabhai coming from various regions of India. Our philosophy, culture, fine arts, temples and sculptures also bear testimony of the same.

What India has been lacking however is a holistic innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem that stimulates, enables and supports Inspiration, Imagination and Innovation in our schools, universities, industries across the length and breadth of the nation. Whenever Indians go abroad they excel and reach the highest levels of eminence and achievements be it in technology, business, academia, and even governments. Many Indians are leading innovations in some of the largest and most innovative tech, medical, financial companies of the world including Google, Microsoft, IBM, Adobe.

With over 1.4 million+ schools, 10500+ engineering and related institutions, 39000+ colleges, a demographic dividend that is the envy of many a country, a fast growing economy, the imperative in India is therefore to ensure that an estimated 150+ million youth of India entering the work force over the next few years can also realize their true human potential through access to a world class innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem nationwide, leveraging rapidly advancing, accessible, affordable technologies transforming the world we live in and enabling an incredible set of opportunities for innovation and new job creation.

AIM has already implemented close to 5000 Atal Tinkering Labs (ATLs) across 660+ of the 715 districts of the country with over 2.5 million students having direct access to Tinkering. 70% of these schools are government and government aided schools. 70% of them are also girls and cooed schools. 112 out of 115 Aspiring Districts already have ATLs.

The results of these interventions are amazing to watch. 10th grade girl students team from a remote government school have been able to develop a solar panel, IOT device for irrigation management and water conservation using soil sensors that is being piloted into farms in the local community.

Another team of students from one of these Tinkering labs have designed an innovative Robotic waste segregation and management system. In the recently held Atal Tinkering Innovation Marathon an estimated 50000+ students created over 6000+ prototype innovations through 1500 schools.

Major Initiative Taken by AIM

  1. Atal Tinkering Labs-Creating problem-solving mindset across schools in India.
  2. Atal Incubation Centers-Fostering world class startups in universities, institutions, private sector adding new dimensions of outcomes based scale up and monitoring to existing incubator model.
  3. Atal New India Challenges-Fostering product and service innovations in the country with national socio economic impact and aligning them to the needs of various sectors/ministries/industry.
  4. Atal Community Innovation Centre- To stimulate community centric innovation and ideas in the unserved /underserved regions of the country including Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities and rural India
  5. ARISE-To stimulate innovation and research in the MSME industry.
  6. Mentors of Change Mentor India Network – One of the largest voluntary national Mentor networks with specialists, individuals from industry and academia to support all the initiatives of the mission.
  7. Building strategic Innovation partnerships with Public sector, Private Sector, Multinationals, and Global Country to Country Partnerships.


Please check below link for ATL Packages [ 4 ATL Packages] designed by NITI Aayog 

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