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D1 Mini V2 NodeMCU 4M Bytes Lua Wi-Fi Internet Of Things Development Board Based ESP8266

198.00 [Excl. GST 18%]

DOIT Mini Ultra-Small size ESP-M3 Serial WiFi Module Compatible with ESP8266

164.00 [Excl. GST 18%]


392.00 [Excl. GST 18%]

ESP-01 Adapter 3.3V 5V Board

58.00 [Excl. GST 18%]

ESP-12F ESP8266 WiFi Wireless IoT Board Module

116.00 [Excl. GST 18%]

ESP32 CAM WiFi Module Bluetooth with OV2640 Camera Module 2MP For Face Recognization

455.00 [Excl. GST 18%]

ESP8266 Adapter Plate Serial Wireless WiFi Module

42.00 [Excl. GST 18%]

ESP8266 Serial Port WiFi Transceiver Module (ESP-05)

170.00 [Excl. GST 18%]

ESP8266 Serial WiFi Module (ESP-07)

194.00 [Excl. GST 18%]

ESP8266/ ESP-12F Module/ Serial WiFi Witty Cloud Development Board + Mini NodeMCU

190.00 [Excl. GST 18%]

NodeMcu ESP8266 V3 Lua CH340 WiFi Development Board

197.00 [Excl. GST 18%]

NodeMCU ESP8266 with CP2102 WiFi Development Board

264.00 [Excl. GST 18%]