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150W DC-DC Step-Up Boost Converter 10-32V to 12-35V 6A Adjustable Power Supply Module

216.00 [Excl. GST 18%]

2000W SCR Triac Electric Voltage Regulator (E-DIMMER AC 50-220V)

119.00 [Excl. GST 18%]

24V 4-Channel Relay Module (with Light Coupling)

190.00 [Excl. GST 18%]

4 Road/Channel Relay Module (with light coupling) 12V

174.00 [Excl. GST 18%]

5-36V Switch Drive High-Power MOSFET Trigger Module

107.00 [Excl. GST 18%]

5V 1 Channel Relay Module

45.00 [Excl. GST 18%]

5V 2 Channel Relay Module

78.00 [Excl. GST 18%]

5V 4 Channel Relay Module

186.00 [Excl. GST 18%]

5V 7A DC Mini Power Relay

24.00 [Excl. GST 18%]

5V 8 Channel Relay Module

278.00 [Excl. GST 18%]

6-30V 1-Channel Power Relay Module with Adjustable Timing Cycle

226.00 [Excl. GST 18%]

A03B 1 Road 5V Low Level Solid State Relay Module with Fuse SSR 250V 2A Fuse

114.00 [Excl. GST 18%]

AC Voltage Sensor Module ZMPT101B (Single Phase)

173.00 [Excl. GST 18%]

CD74HC4067 High Speed ​​CMOS 16-Channel Analog/Digital Multiplexer Breakout Module

52.00 [Excl. GST 18%]

CH340G USB To TTL(Serial) Converter For Arduino Nano Raspberry Pi

70.00 [Excl. GST 18%]

CP2102 USB 2.0 to TTL UART Serial Convertor Module

121.00 [Excl. GST 18%]

DC – DC 6-24V to 5V USB Output Step Down Power Charger with Adjustable Buck Converter

85.00 [Excl. GST 18%]

DC 12V Relay with Adjustable Delay Time Signal Triggering Switch Module

127.00 [Excl. GST 18%]

DC-DC 12V to 3.3V 5V 12V Power Module Multi Output Voltage Conversion

52.00 [Excl. GST 18%]

DC-DC 4.5-40V To 5V 2A USB Charger Step down Converter Voltmeter Module

221.00 [Excl. GST 18%]

DS1302 Real Time Clock (RTC) Module without Battery

66.00 [Excl. GST 18%]

DS1307 RTC I2C Module AT24C32 without Battery

46.00 [Excl. GST 18%]

DS3231 RTC Memory Module Precise Real Time Clock I2C AT24C32

167.00 [Excl. GST 18%]

E18-D80NK Adjustable IR Sensor Proximity Switch 3-80cm Range

178.00 [Excl. GST 18%]

ENC28J60 Ethernet Module(12 Pin Package: SSOP)

310.00 [Excl. GST 18%]

ESP-01 Adapter 3.3V 5V Board

69.00 [Excl. GST 18%]

ESP8266 Adapter Plate Serial Wireless WiFi Module

42.00 [Excl. GST 18%]

Frequency Adjustable Pulse Generator Module NE555

37.00 [Excl. GST 18%]

FT232RL USB TO TTL 5V 3.3V Download Cable To Serial Adapter Module for Arduino

155.00 [Excl. GST 18%]

High Current Active Alarm Buzzer Driver Module

31.00 [Excl. GST 18%]

IIC/I2C Serial Interface Adapter Module

62.00 [Excl. GST 18%]

ISD1820 Recording Module Voice Board with Mic

133.00 [Excl. GST 18%]

Joystick Module

41.00 [Excl. GST 18%]

Laser Module

54.00 [Excl. GST 18%]

Laser Non-Modulator Tub Sensor Receiving Module Laser Output High Level

101.00 [Excl. GST 18%]

LilyPad 328 ATmega328P Main Board 16M Compatible with Arduino

191.00 [Excl. GST 18%]