ZBOTIC provides a one-stop solution for setting up a fully-equipped ultra-modern Atal Tinkering Lab: right from applying for an ATL to after set-up training and round-the-clock training support. Our turnkey package comprises of our original kits that come with the latest technology and world-class training and teaching material.

Key Features of Atal Tinkering Lab (ATL Lab)

• It is a workspace that permits young minds to learn brilliant abilities through which they may learn creative suggestions for their future.

• The notion of forming Tinkering Lab Setup across schools in the nation is to offer young minds to the understanding of mastering the concepts of Science-Technology-Engineering-Maths.

• Also, ATL conducts different tasks across regions in the kind of competitions, exhibitions, workshops in periodic duration.

Eligibility Criteria for Setting Atal Tinkering Lab

• The schools which are authorized by Niti Aayog can install Atal Tinkering Labs.

• The school must have the space of approx 1500 square feet.

• However, schools that are perched on hills and Himalayas or in island states require approx 1000 square feet space for setting Atal Tinkering Lab Setup.